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Aluminum Coils, Sheets, Plates

The challenges in aluminum sourcing have not diminished in recent years. New market protection measures in the United States and the EU27. Rising raw material prices due to shortages in the market and high demand. The new US Forced Labor Act in relation to China, which includes aluminum and steel. And the coming Carbon Border Taxes making it increasingly difficult to import aluminum reliably. But we can help you find a solution for you!

Experts for coils, sheets and plates

Gerber Steel has what you are looking for. From aluminum strips or sheets, aluminum foils, to tubes and profiles. In the right aluminum alloys and hardnesses for the full range of products in automotive and transportation, construction, electrical and electronics, industrial applications, pharmaceuticals and packaging, or household appliances.

Together we make your business grow

Do you finally want to get more out of your business? Then take advantage of our support. Let us become part of your supply and procurement chain. We’ll be available quickly, handle all logistics if needed, and provide outstanding customer service. There’s simply no better partner than Gerber Steel to help you get back to what really matters: Your business.

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Gerber Steel Aluminum Coils, Sheets, Plates

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Our Focus Alloys

1XXX Series – Pure (99%+)
2XXX Series – Copper
3XXX Series – Manganese
4XXX Series – Silicon
5XXX Series – Magnesium
6XXX Series – Silicon and Magnesium
7XXX Series – Zinc
8XXX Series – Other elements


You need a specific H-, T-, F- or O-temper for your aluminum products, then talk to us. We will find the right solution for you here as well.



Width: > 39.3701in
Thickness: 0.00787 in to >= 0.15748 in
Length: up to 295.2756 in


Width: > 29.5276 in
Thickness: 0.00787 in to >= 0.3973 in
Length: Coil


Width: > 47.244 in
Thickness: 0.01181 in to >= 15.748 in
Length: up to 629.9213 in

Sizes according to international tolerance standards. Imperial and metric units possible.