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Sourcing of stainless steel and aluminum are our passion. Whether in coils, sheets or plates, tubes, pipes, rods, wires or profiles. Hot and cold rolled. In standard grades and alloys. But we also find the special, the rare and hard to get items for you.

To all entrepreneurs, buyers and sellers who also want to raise their procurement of stainless steel and aluminum to the next level

As an entrepreneur, purchaser and also salesperson, you certainly know the problems in the reliable procurement of raw materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum.

While in the beginning it was only Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duties, from 2018 Section 232 duties were added. Starting in 2020, the pandemic hit and the United States faced a whole new set of challenges in sourcing stainless steel and aluminum.

A consistent shortage of supply within the United States, but also in the rest of the world, met immensely increasing demand. Not only in raw materials, but also in logistics.

And now rising energy costs, new market protections, carbon border taxes, the war in Europe, and the uncertainties of purchasing Chinese aluminum and stainless steel in light of the new U.S. Forced Labor Act UFLPA, which makes importing from China almost a gamble.

To date, the effort and expense, as well as complexity, in sourcing is significantly higher than it was in 2019, putting a strain on many companies and employees. Through this eternal struggle, you miss opportunities. And what worked yesterday is outdated today and completely different tomorrow.

But there are solutions to these challenges that take the pressure off your company and you personally, too. Solutions that free up important resources for what really matters: Setting your business up competitively for the years ahead. Getting back to making more sales with less time spent.

Gerber Steel can help you apply these solutions to your business and take your stainless steel and aluminum purchasing to the next level. The best way to do that is to contact us today.

Looking for a rare 400 grade?

409 - 410 - 410S - 430 - 439 - 441 - 444
Coils, Sheets, Plates

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Coils, Sheets, Plates

Coils, Sheets, Plates

We trade in stainless steel sheets and coil. Whether you need a normal AISI 304L or a AISI 409. We find the right dimensions, finishes and countries of origin for you. For this you need a cut-to-length and leveling service, special packaging and full support in delivery? We at Gerber Steel will take care of it.

Aluminum Tubes, Pipes

Tubes, Pipes

You want to purchase stainless steel tubes or pipes and are looking for the right full-service provider: Then you have found it with Gerber Steel. We sell stainless steel tubes and pipes of all types and dimensions – welded or seamless. For boilers and heat exchangers or the sanitary and food industry. And many more.

Special Metals Bars, Rods

Bars, Rods, Profiles

You need a supplier for stainless steel bars and angles. Then we can offer you a wide range of standard formats of bars in round, square or hexagonal. Stainless steel angles for the most diverse applications round off our product portfolio. You are looking for something special? Then simply ask us.


Aluminum Coils, Sheets, Plates

Coils, Sheets, Plates

You need aluminum coil, sheet or plate. Whether you need a Series 1 or Series 5 alloy, we can find the right product for you. Special sizes? Special alloys? Market protection measures? The experts at Gerber Steel will find a solution for that, too.

Aluminum Tubes, Pipes

Profiles, Tubes, Pipes

You want to buy aluminum tubes or pipes and are looking for the right partner: Then contact us. Gerber Steel sells the right aluminum tubes and pipes. For manufacturers of construction materials, in the medical industry, for vehicle production, electronics, machines, drives, air conditioning systems and much more.

Aluminum Bars, Rods, Profiles

Bars, Rods

Do you need the right aluminum bars and rods? Then we can certainly offer you the right product from a wide-ranging portfolio. You need something special? Talk to us. Together we will surely find a solution.

Special Metals

Nickel, Copper Alloys

Nickel and Copper Alloys

Stainless Steel Wires

Stainless Steel Wires

Tool Steel, Alloy Steel

Tool Steel

Your benefits with Gerber Steel

Reduce your costs

With us you can reduce your costs. Use our purchasing volume to your advantage. Let our experts take care of time- and cost-intensive tasks. From procurement, to import, to logistics: We take care of it.

Get more time

Gain more time for new customers, projects and orders. Because we can take a lot of work off your hands. We take care of inquiries and negotiations or the communication with suppliers and officials. Simple and fast.

Simplify your processes

You want to be able to sell more again. But you have to take care of too much administrative work in procurement yourself. Simplify your processes with us. Use our expertise to your advantage. Let us be your One Stop Shop.

Make more business

When you work with us, you can concentrate more on your core business. Focus on the things that really pay off for you. Because your turnover and your company should grow. So why not start today?

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